Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Piles of Green Tomatoes

price doesn't mean anything. the clothes I wear above is so cheap.
tops:orange, shoes: Nadiva, skirt: cimall.. lol


A beautiful day always come to me everyday... (o_o)

i'm bullshitting btw. The day are always same for me, everyday.
There're two reason for this.
1. I've been spending much much much time at home.
2. I just broke up with my bf and feel lost. I've been so lazy to go out somewhere or meet friends. I never replay any text on my phone. never update status on twitter or facebook. And I try to avoid everything related to him. I blocked myself from the outside world. *smirk*


I've been totally spending my time at home all day long and amuse myself with clothes, make up, laptop, blog, and.... EAT. Food always make me feel better. And stay at home always make me hungry and want to eat total crap. I'd murder a fried egg if there's an egg at home. BUT sadly, I got nothing but noodle. T_T


There's no such things like a bad food, but food that cooked so badly. But no food is extremely more bad than a worst untasty food.


I don't know what the hell was my mum damn problem. She didn't cook anything for about two days. But as usually, no one at home ask or complaining her. Everyone goes with silent. they (including me) had been cooked boiled noodles as a dishes for our mealtimes; breakfast, lunch, dinner, and as a midnight dishes. *cry*


I think everyone at home didn't felt so bad as me. I, who always starving and craving snack, chocolate, ice cream, i mean anything.... has been really suffered with this 'mum confusing attitude'. Before we broke up, I usually ask my 'ex' to bought me a lot kind of food, snack, ice cream, etc... for a whole week supply. but, now? arrrghh... I'm so desprated.

Because my damn tummy kept rumbled all the time... every hours, minutes, and seconds (I didn't know how many times I patted it), So, yesterday I went to the kitchen, randomly open lander, dining table, n refrigerator a couple of times, then... I found something. Well, something like fresh food , green, round, and it looks so dazzling to catch my eye..

believe it or not

It was..... 

a piles of green tomatoes.


I eat it




I swear. It was absurd for me.


Btw, this high heeled wedges is so cool. I want it.

And I really tempted to bleaching my hair like this.

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