Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dongdong & Dungdung

(home made leather jacket)


I called her name Dungdung because she always called me Dongdong. I hate to be called Dongdong and she also hate to be called Dungdung. The problem is, we can't stop calling each other with the name that we hate. Now... everyone called our name with Dongdong & dungdung.

Today Dongdong and Dungdung had a party. this party... 

This dialogue happen after My foundation sponge fell down:

Dungdung : U use green foundation?
Me : *frowned... thinking... then answered "Nope."
Dungdung : "So what is that?" *her finger pointing to the fall sponge*
Me : that's a sponge, stupid.
Dungdung : I know stupid, that's a sponge. but that's green...
Me : So?
Dungdung : that means U used green foundation.
I laugh : oh my god. The sponge is green, not foundation.... hahaha... Stupid.


Although we stupid, silly, crazy, and... single. we actually have a great dream and will never gave up. I don't believe with miracle, coincidence, and luck. what I believe is PRAY and HARD WORK.

So guys, lets pray and hope that whatever the dream about tonight doesn't just remain a dream if it's powerful wake up an MOVE ON IT!! 

Good night guys... have a nice dream.


  1. You and your friend are really stylish, love the psychedelic colours! :)

    The Cat Hag

  2. u guys know how to have fun!!! love ur pink stockings!!

  3. fashionable!!!... yo really know how to enjoy your life!

  4. You really are crazy girls but so cute and pretty with great styling and pretty shoes!