Friday, April 22, 2011

I'm back~

Hello guys.... I miss you so much. I miss my blog, I miss my camera, I miss everything. 

So, where the hell am I these lately? 

Well, I'm still at my parents house, and a bit busy writing again my novel.


btw, I didn't go anywhere today. I just playing with my mum blue dress, my old pink top, and also my camera. ^^


  1. this outfit is just so lovely.
    pink and blue is a great color combination.
    and this outfit is SO spring and so girly. i love it.

    and you are writing a novel?! that is awesome!
    if you don't mind me asking what is it about?

  2. oh hi emily. thanks for comment..
    my novel is about l.o.v.e... xD.

  3. Cute outfit! Love the pattern on the dress and the blue and pink are great together!

  4. You look so super cute as always and so loving the last pic you're stunning doll.