Saturday, April 2, 2011

A really fast day


Yesterday didn't go as I planned before but still had fun. I went with my lil brother to this place, took a lot of pictures, enjoyed fresh air, scenery, well... everything was just great. Love it.


(SIS Dago,Bandung, west Java-Indonesia)


In the night, we had dinner at KIOSK then enjoyed coffee and hot tea at Java Bean. We was there till 3am, but look at this picture below. Can't believe this place was still crowded with people. I still remember Bandung two years ago, but.... not like this. 


In a conversation with Wintan on BBM yesterday.

Wintan : Are U still at Java Bean?
Me : Yeap! Come over here....
Wintan : arrrrgghh........ Ok.

few minutes later.

Wintan : is it ok if I arrive there at 11 ?
I was thinking few seconds then replay : It's too late darling. I want 2 hours of karaoke then go home at 11.
Wintan : look at your watch stupid. It's 10.45! hahaha...

I Swear. I didn't realize it. 

I always thought yesterday was monday but suddenly now is saturday again, and tomorrow is sunday a-g-a-i-n. Don't U think the day was changed so fast recently?


Btw, Have a great weekend guys.  


  1. i love your photos. they are always so colorful. and always so aesthetically appealing to the eye. i love the bright colors, because that it just happy.

    and the landscape looks GORGEOUS.

  2. I love the photos, they look extremely happy vibes and also i love the outfits on the previous previous post that look like popart :D
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  5. hi! i just found your blog...its awsome and fun! i love it.
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  6. love all of the bright colors! They make me smile!