Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Black dress... Black day.

I wore this today.

(blossom black dress, black hat, dotted scarf, ishoes, wood bracelet) 


today was 'what a day' day for me.

1. I woke up sooo late. I put my alarm on PM instead of AM. so, this morning i was such in a rush and angry to myphone. hehe... (i know it wasn't my phone mistake)

2. Traffic JAM.

3. A cops stopped my car. (thanks god! Got no ticket this time~)

4. I almost hit a dude on motorcycle and he was like 'WATCH OUT ASSHOLE!'. I responded by sticking my tongue out at him. (I think he will beat me up if I were a Guy)

5. There's a super small road repair right in front of my house that made me have to parked my car in front of my neighbor's house. I don't like to parked my car in someone else' home. 


As u know it, I had a really bad day today and it always make me feel better to see pretty and handsome people smile. 

So, would U smile for me?

thank U.


  1. You look adorable! Love the polka dot scarf paired with the hat.

  2. Lovely like always :) I love how you accessorized the black dress!

    And I'm sorry you had a bad day :( I've been having an off week too! It's okay, we'll smile it all away :D