Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award

Many many thanks to Jane of Love makes girl for mentioning me for this blogger award. those who receive this award supposed to........

1. put up a link to the person who's given it to them,
2. write seven things about themselves, and ....
3. give the award to seven bloggers.

So, here we go!


7 Facts about me.

7. sooooo admire with................ KATY PERRY!!

She has a beautiful face and beautiful voice, her song are all darn awesome, and her style... Oh my, I just can't get enough of her. Perfect.


Finally, I would like to share this award with 7 wonderful blogger.

1. Sydney-spy
2. Fashion.make
3. Jill Pineda
4. Fawn over fancy
5. Confession + obsession
6. Scarlett letter style

If U don't know them yet, well... I suggest U visit their blog.



  1. All of your images are so creative! What image editor do you use?

    And fantastic facts! I'm not much into jeans either. And I highly doubt you are lame!

    I look forward to more of your fabulous posts :)

  2. Leeya!! you are the sweetest :) Thank you so much! That means a lot to me. I will get to work on this project. yay!

  3. @ jane : im using photoshop cs4... ^^

    @ fawn over fancy & lottie : no problemo cuz I love your blog.

  4. AAWWWwwwwWWW THANKS for the award Queen Leeya <3 You're so sweet!

    Jill Pineda

  5. Sweet cakes!! thank you soo mcuh for the giving me this're sooooo sweet! So sorry for the late thank you and response just reading all my comments and trying to catch up! You're too sweet!


  6. Loove how you did your 7 facts about you, using those cute notebooks.
    Love the idea, fun. :)
    And yes, I love katy perry too, and I loove that picture of her, she's soo cuute, I LOVE HER HAIR!