Monday, March 7, 2011

Bow tie n Gloves

This is my first DIY project. I don't know what will you think about it, but l was totally cracked out when I saw the result. hahaha. fool me. The Idea came last night after reading DIY blog tutorial about how to make vintage bow tie. I thought it was super easy.

So, this morning I was rummaging through my closet to find some ugly material that can be destroyed. what I need was unused cloth for big bow tie. Yes. Not a vintage bow tie, but big bow tie.


By the way, this is not tutorial. Tutorial should be given and explained by an expert. well, I'm not.


Look at no 2 and you'll a bit (or tiny bit maybe) amaze with me. hahaha. The front side looks really neat right?

but then...... 

After you see no. 3 and 4, maybe U'll crack out like me, or maybe some of you will quickly leave this page cause you think this post is rubbish. hahaha. ok, Leave it. I don't mind it anyway.



This was out of my plan. When I was rummaging my closet, I found this ugly gloves.

I cut the finger. 

No. 1 ...... well, that's definitely not a gloves. I think I had unconsciously put wrong picture there. see... instead of being an expert, I'm silly. hahaha.

No. 2 ...... that's various kinds of buttons, and... etc.

No. 3 & 4 ..... you can see it by yourself.



Stare it and you'll rich. Amen. *pray to God*


I hope you wont throw up seeing me FIVE. 

Moreover it'll be 10 if you count with this.

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  1. These pictures are very cool!
    I'm loving your outfits!